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Outdoor Ed

Outdoor education is taught throughout the school and covers a wide variety of skills including outdoor sports, cooking, walking, visiting cafes and learning about our environment. This is an important element of the curriculum and is key to developing the elements of learning including creative thinking, team work and resilience.


Throughout the students' time in school they will have the opportunity to take part in residentials either in Guernsey or further afield. Residential opportunities begin in year 7 with an initial over night stay in school. This is built upon and the residentials throughout middles are then between three nights to one week long. These are mainly local but can be as far afield as Jersey or the United Kingdom. Some residentials are related to the current topic of work being covered in school. The residential program works towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the Seniors. Students in the Sensory and Communication department do a week long residential in Jersey every other year. This allows students to experience travel, different environments and a range of activities not available on Guernsey. Residentials are an important element of the curriculum and is key to developing independence, positive attitudes, good communication skills, team work, resilience and social skills. 

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