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Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Collier - Headteacher -

Mr Childs - Deputy Head -
Mr Harvey - Assistant Head -

S&C Department

Mrs Cohen - Head of Department

Mrs Craig - Class Teacher

Miss Moore - Class Teacher

Miss Mead - Class Teacher

Middles Department

Miss Golland - Head of Department

Mr Klement - Class Teacher
Miss Howe - Class Teacher

Miss Wilkes-Green - Class Teacher

Mr Klement - Class Teacher
Miss Ashton - Class Teacher

Mrs Walker - Class Teacher

Miss Joselin - Class Teacher

Seniors Department

Miss Tostevin - Head of Department
Mr Foad - Interim Head of Department

Note: Miss Tostevin is currently on maternity leave and will be returning Easter 2023. Mr Foad is Head of Department during this period.

Miss Bromley - Class Teacher

Mrs Plummer - Class Teacher

Mrs Pratt 
- Class Teacher

Learning Support

Mr Barnett
Mrs Bourgaize
Ms Brehaut
Mrs Childs
Mrs Copperwaite
Mrs Cranch
Miss Davies
Mrs De Freitas Alves
Mr Ellis
Miss Fabbri

Mrs Gallienne
Mrs Glendinning
Mrs Green
Mrs Greening
Mrs Harris
Mr Hayes-Gerrard

Mr Hunter
Mr Klein
Mrs Le Huray
Miss Lovell
Mrs Mathews
Mrs Nicolle
Miss Norman
Mrs Oliver
Mrs Palfrey
Mr Reid
Mr Robilliard
Mrs Saunders
Mrs Selvidge
Mrs Shier
Mrs Smedley

Mrs Smith
Mr Tebble

Mrs Torode
Mrs Ware
Miss Watt


Mr Dovey - Responsible for Outdoor Learning and Off Site Learning

Miss Richards - Co-ordinator ICT and Digital Competency

Mr Langlois - Teacher

Mrs Eagles - LSA (cookery)
Mr Evans - UQ Lecturer (CDT)
Mrs Assif - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Murphy - Lunchtime supervisor
Lisa Eyre - School nurse



Mrs Alderton
Mrs Bradley

Mrs Martin

Miss Mitchinson
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