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What is Thrive?

Thrive is a specific way of working with children and young people that helps to develop social and emotional well-being. The Thrive Approach has been developed from research in neuroscience, attachment theory, child psychology and models of child development. As adults when we use Thrive techniques we support students to recognise and regulate their feelings and emotions. It is particularly useful in supporting young people to work through the changes brought on by adolescence. Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive – we use these relationships, together with playful and creative activities to give children and young people key experiences at each different stage of their development. 


We use Thrive online to complete an assessment for students both in groups and sometimes individually. This enables us to create experiences which support specific areas of social and emotional development. 


Life can be challenging, and life experiences can lead to the need for extra support. Some young people may experience key events such as bereavement or divorce or be diagnosed with a specific condition such as ASD or ADHD. Sometimes it may not be clear why some young people need additional support. Adolescence is a time of huge change in the brain.  Some students, especially when experiencing the turmoil of adolescence, can find identifying and expressing their needs challenging. Some young people may express their needs through behaviour. At Le Murier we recognise this and understand that behaviour is a communication of unmet need. The Thrive Approach helps us to identify those needs and work with students to support them to meet needs appropriately.


The Thrive Approach allows us to place social and emotional development at the heart of our learning, recognising that it is our ability to understand and feel good about ourselves, as well as being able to develop positive relationships and resilience, that is key to future health, well-being and achievement.

The mission of the Thrive Approach is to help children and young people become more emotionally resilient and better placed to engage with life and learning.





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